Hello from Cheryl! I am continuing to offer my #21 & #36 hand-dyed twine collections via mail order, with payment by check, money order, and Venmo.

My Regular Collections include:

#21 & #36 Batik Colors 10 packs, $10.00/pk
#21 & #36 Solid Colors 10-packs, $10.00/pk
#21 & #36 Marbled Colors 10-packs, $10.00/pk
#21 & #36 Midnight Colors 10-pack, $10.00/pk
#21 & #36 Mixed Colors 10 packs, $10.00/pk
#21 & #36 Sampler Kits, $10.00/kit

Returning for a limited time:

#36 Mystery Twine 10 packs, $10.00/pk
#36 Winter Blues 10 packs, $12.50/pk
#36 Midas Touch 10 packs, $12.50/pk

And while supplies last:

#36 Autism Collection 10-packs, $12.50/pk
#36 Green & Gold Collection 10-packs, $12.50/pk 
Wide Silver Colored Metal Crucifixes, $0.50 each
Wide Gold Colored Metal Crucifixes, $0.50 each
Narrow Silver Colored Metal Crucifixes, $0.50 each
Narrow Gold Colored Metal Crucifixes, $0.50 each
Plastic Crucifixes, 10/$1.00 please state color.


Please email your order request and shipping address to me at:
divinetwinethree@yahoo.com OR number36twine@gmail.com 

 #21 (smaller diameter) OR #36 (standard diameter) See comparison photo below!

I will respond to you directly with a confirmation and your order total including shipping costs, and an address where to send the check or money order, or my Venmo acct. I will let the check clear the bank and then ship out your order! 

International orders will still be considered. Please email me for details!

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to continue to offer you Divine Twine Rosary Twine's classic hand-dyed twine in this unconventional manner! God Bless! ~Cheryl

Questions? Contact us at number36twine@gmail.com