#21 Twine - Multi-Color Strands - NEW and EXCLUSIVE!


New! Exclusively from Divine Twine Rosary Twine! #21 rosary twine in mulit-colored strands: 10 new combinations to choose from! You can purchase individual strands, a 10 pack of the same color combination, or a pack of all 10 different combinations (variety pack)!

#21 Variety 10 Pack $12.50 pk (15' per strand)

#21 10-pack of same color combo, $12.50 pk (15' per strand)

#21 Multi-Color Single Strands: $1.50 ea (15' per strand)

#36 Twine 10pk - Winter Blues Collection

"Winter Blues" is Divine Twine's most popular twine collection! This collection includes the solid colors Baby Blue, Royal Blue, and several multicolor blue variegated combinations.

$12.50 / pack of 10 strands (20' per strand)

#21 and #36 Twine 10pk - Pink Packs

Hand-dyed rosary twine in shades of light and dark pink including solid pink, marbled style pink.10 strands per pack.

#36 Pink Pack $10.00/pk (20' per strand)
#21 Pink Pack $10.00/pk (15' per strand)

#36 Twine 10pk - Retro Neon

Back by popular demand! Vibrant colors of rosary twine in a mix of solid colors of Tangy Tangerine Orange, Perky Parakeet Yellow, & Mega Magenta Hot Pink! 

$10.00 / pack of 10 strands (20' per strand)

#36 10pk Mystery Twine

"Mystery Twine!" This is a 10 pack of various 20' strands of "left-over" twine from Divine Twine Collections. This is a great value as many of the strands are variegated multi-colors, with some solid colors also. Strands will vary by pack.

$12.50 / pack of 10 strands (20' per strand)

#21 and #36 Twine 10 pk - Woodland Moss

Hand-dyed rosary twine in a variety of "earthy" colors, dyed using the "Infusion" process.Tan, rust, olive, brown, green, gray and navy. 10 strands per pack.

#36 Woodland Moss $10.00/pk (20' per strand)
#21 Woodland Moss $10.00/pk (15' per strand)

#21 and #36 Twine 10 pk - Solid Colors

Hand-dyed twisted nylon rosary twine in a variety of beautiful solid colors! Colors will vary depending upon current inventory available.10 different strands per pack.

#36 Solid colors $10.00/pk (20' per strand)
#21 Solid Colors $10.00/pk (15' per strand)

#21 and #36 Twine 10pk - Marble Style

Hand-dyed strands in a variety of marbled shades of light to dark hues. Colors will vary depending upon current inventory available. 10 different strands per pack.

#36 Marbled Twine $10.00pk  (20' per strand)
#21 Marbled Twine $10.00pk (15' per strand)

#21 and #36 Twine 10 pk - Batik Style

"Batik" style rosary twine, comes in shades of 2-3 colors per strand, 10 different strands per pack.

#36 Batik $10.00/pk (20' per strand)
#21 Batik $10.00/pk (15' per strand)

#36 Rosary Twine - "Autism"

$1.00 per 20' strand
$10.00 per 10 pack

20' per strand. This twine was specially designed by Cheryl to replicate the colors of the Autism Awareness Ribbon. Autism affects 1 in 88 American children, 1 in 54 boys. Cheryl's son is one of these boys.

#21 and #36 Twine 10pk - Mixed Bag

A variety of colors and styles of rosary twine including Solid, Marble, Neon, and others. 10 strands per pack.

#36 Mixed Bag $10.00/pk (20' per strand)

#21 Mixed Bag $10.00/pk (15' per strand)

#36 Twine - Scrap Packs

"Scrap Packs" are quart size baggies full of #36 twine scraps, perfect for making scrap twine rosaries, rosary bracelets, or chaplets.

Each baggie contains about 10oz of twine in a variety of lengths and colors which vary from pack to pack.

$5.00 per pack

#36 Rosary Twine Single Strand - "Infusion"

These single strands of hand-dyed twine have been infused with multi-dimensional layers of amazing colors! Each strand has a unique and intriguing look, with color variations from subtle to bold. These strands come individually packaged.

$2.00 per 20' strand

Actual color combinations vary from batch to batch and may not be the same as represented in the photo! If you order more than one strand at a time, every effort will be made to give you a variety of color combinations.

#36 Twine Single Strand - Green & Gold

Green and Gold single strands - great for school or team colors!.

$2.00 per 20' strand

#36 Rosary Twine - Our Lady of Guadalupe

This single strand custom color of Teal and Coral has been designed to honor Our Lady of Guadalupe. These strands come individually packaged.

$2.00 per 20' ombre strand

Narrow Crucifixes - Gold or Silver

NEW! These solid, narrow crucifixes measure 2" tall by 1" wide, and come in a silver or gold finish.* Perfect for #21 or #36 twine!  
*does not include split or spring ring.

$.50 each, please choose color:

Acrylic Crosses

These acrylic crosses measure 2" in height and will accommodate #21 and #36 twine! Available in 6 colors for $.50 each.

Acrylic Cross Colors:

Solid Wood Crosses

These solid wood crosses measure 1 3/4" in height and will accommodate #21 & #36 twine! Available in 6 colors and Natural for $.50 each.

Wood Cross Colors:
20 pack of random colors, our choice $5.00 (does not include natural)

Crucifixes & Knotting Tool

 Silver Tone Crucifixes, $0.50 each

  Black Plastic Crucifixes, $1.00/10 pack


 White Plastic Crucifixes, $1.00/10 pack

Knotting Needle / Tool, 3/8" x 8" $4.00 each
Photo instructions available in right column.